Simple Beauty is an expert web development company that utilizes the latest technologies for mobile & web.

"Sean is quite simply the type of developer you want to hire. He's accountable, professional, reliable, and an inspired free thinker." - Caleb Haye, Founder, Fire, Inc.
"Sean's prowess as a web developer was evident from his first interview." - Will Jayroe, Lead Web Designer / Web Developer, Perpetual Entertainment, Inc.

  • Method Yoga

    Simple Beauty worked with the Method Yoga start-up to develop an on-line, yoga training application. Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Heroku, HAML, SASS, jQuery.

  • League of Legends

    Together with Riot Games, Simple Beauty developed an on-line store for in-game items. Technologies used: jQuery, Adobe Flex/AIR, HTML, CSS.

  • Logitech Compatibility Checker

    Under R/GA, Simple Beauty developed the Compatibility Checker for Logitech's new Harmony remotes. Technologies used: SOAP Web Services, Flex, jQuery, HTML, CSS.

  • CKD Awareness

    Simple Beauty, with Eveo, developed the the CKD Awareness site. Technologies used: Tapestry 5, Java, Hibernate, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Flex.

  • Intuit Green Snapshot

    Simple Beauty developed the HTML and CSS for Intuit Green Snapshot with Fire, Inc. Technologies used: HTML, CSS.

  • The Advice of Strangers

    Under Fire, Inc., Simple Beauty assisted in developing the Ruby on Rails site for TAOS. Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, HTML, CSS, jQuery.

Application development

We build more than websites: we build applications. Today's customers thrive on dynamic data, elegance, and usability.

Start-up success

Simple Beauty works with start-ups to turn their vision into a reality.

Technology that works

Ruby on Rails, jQuery, MongoDB, HTML, CSS: We use technology that is fun to work with and gets the job done.

Mobile Development

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